Home Entertainment Mark Healey: Surfer Takes on Infamous 60-Foot “Jaws Break” (Video)

Mark Healey: Surfer Takes on Infamous 60-Foot “Jaws Break” (Video)

by Joseph
Mark Healey

Mark Healey

Pro surfer Mark Healey is on a mission to crush the “lazy surfer” stereotype — despite the fact that the stereotype is actually pretty cool in the minds of most people. And he’s doing it with the help of his corporate sponsors at SAXX Underwear, which recently put up a video of the surfer tackling the notorious 60-foot break in Maui, popularly known as “Jaws.”

“A storm can pop up and you have four or five days to get your act together. You can’t just be in terrible shape for a month straight and then cram for the test at the end.” That’s bad news for any couch potatoes out there with surf legend dreams, but Mark Healey appears to know what he’s talking about, especially once you see how his pre-surf regimen pays off against Jaws.

You can do that by watching Mark Healey vs Jaws in the SAXX Underwear promotional video below. And for more cool Healey content, check out the official SAXX site right here.

Here’s the video:


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