Home Entertainment Mark Broderick Does 9 Front Flips During BASE Jump (Video)

Mark Broderick Does 9 Front Flips During BASE Jump (Video)

by Joseph
Mark Broderick BASE Jump

Mark Broderick BASE Jump

BASE jumping, even in its most typical, unadorned form, is more than sufficiently dangerous for most people. The danger of it, in fact, is probably the whole point of why people do it. But Mark Broderick is decidedly not most people, as a recent video of his BASE jumping exploits demonstrates.

The video shows Mark Broderick BASE jumping from the top of a radio tower out in the desert somewhere. He’s wearing a GoPro 9, and he’s accompanied by another GoPro photographer, whose job it was to capture Mark’s flips without doing any himself. You know, kids’ stuff. The result is spectacular, showing Broderick’s nine full front flips and his dangerous-looking approach of the tower itself. He somehow manages to land safely, though.

You can watch Mark Broderick’s BASE jump video for yourself below. And for more incredible GoPro photography, get more from the GoPro YouTube channel here. Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t try this at home. Or anywhere else.

Here’s the video:

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