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Marco Polo: iPhone Call and Response App

by Joseph
Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Your iPhone can probably do a lot of impressive things, including answering when you ask it a question. But, weirdly, it might not be as good at simple call-and-response, especially if it’s not listening or you have it set to silent. But with the new Marco Polo iPhone app you can find your lost iPhone just by saying the magic word and simply waiting for it to answer.

The Marco Polo app is also fully customizable, so you can program your phone to respond to the voice command “Marco” with any number of responses in any number of voices. You can sync up multiple devices, and volume can be adjusted by voice command as well. And if you’re trying to find your phone in the dark, good news: “Marco” activates an onscreen notification to light up your phone for that purpose, too.

If you’re sick of fumbling throughout your house looking for your lost iPhone, the Marco Polo app will cost you one American dollar at the app’s official website here. Just don’t try to use it in the pool.

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