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Manny Pacquiao To Join Jordan Brand?

by Joseph
manny pacquiao jordan brand

manny pacquiao jordan brand

Jordan Brand continues its effort of expanding their endorsement family with a possible deal in the works with boxer Manny Pacquiao. The deal would be in keeping with Jordan Brand’s history of branching out into areas not directly connected with basketball shoes, as NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is also a Jordan Brand athlete.

The move, not set in stone yet, comes at a time when Pacquiao is building his reputation as “the Michael Jordan of boxing” in his native Philippines, and more and more of his fans there are seen wearing Manny t-shirts and Air Jordan sneakers — despite back-to-back losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Márquez.

The deal would also make sense as Manny Pacquiao has a history with basketball, owning his own basketball team in the Philippines as well as using basketball as part of his training regimen. You can get more info on Pacquiao’s developing deal with Jordan Brand right here.

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