Home Entertainment ‘Mania’: 12-Minute Short Film Promotes The Weeknd’s Upcoming Album (Video)

‘Mania’: 12-Minute Short Film Promotes The Weeknd’s Upcoming Album (Video)

by Joseph


This Friday, those of us who have recovered from our sweet tryptophan hangovers will be able to treat ourselves to The Weeknd’s new album Starboy. But, appropriately enough for Thanksgiving week, the artist has released something of a sampler platter for the album in the form of a 12-minute short film entitled Mania.

Mania, or M A N I A for stylization sticklers, appears to take place in the same universe as the video for Starboy, particularly in that it gives a possible answer for why Weeknd is so attached to that damn panther (supermodel Anais Mali is the Simone Simon of this equation).

Like the video for “False Alarm,” Mania has a surprisingly violent edge and plenty of blood.  You can check out the whole 12-minute odyssey below. And for Starboy, keep your eyes on Spotify or wherever you stream and/or purchase new music, as well as The Weeknd’s official site right here.

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