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Mandem Safe: The Safe That Looks Like a Nike Shoebox

by Joseph
Mandem Safe

Mandem Safe

A burglar breaks into your home, looking for valuables to steal. He (or she!) searches your entire apartment looking for a safe, ignoring a prominently-placed Nike shoebox on the rationale that he doesn’t know anything about sneakers and thus would have a hard time re-selling a pilfered pair. Congratulations, your Mandem Safe has officially paid for itself.

If you’re a seasoned mystery fan, you probably already figured out that the Mandem Safe was the prominently-placed Nike shoebox. I’m not sure if hiding your valuables in a safe that looks like a shoebox makes logical sense, but then again who said crime was logical? And as long as any hypothetical thief in your home doesn’t care about sneakers, your stuff should be, uh, safe.

Release details and pricing on the Mandem Safe are still to come, but you can read a little bit more about the product right here. And for maximum irony, once you get one, you should just keep your sneakers inside of it.

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