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Mandem Safe LX Looks Like an adidas Box

by Joseph
Mandem Safe LX

Mandem Safe LX

It has been said that in order to fight crime you must understand the mindset of the criminal. With that thought in mind, consider the Mandem Safe LX, which is the newest creation from Mandem Safe that’s designed to look just like a shoe box – in this case, one from adidas.

I’ve never burgled an apartment before, but it seems to me that an old shoe box sitting on a shelf in a closet somewhere would probably be the first place you’d search for some stray valuables. Just in case the thief in question follows a similar train of thought, your valuables stored inside the Mandem Safe LX won’t be dependent exclusively upon the safe’s chameleon qualities – it also requires a key card to open, and a lid kept tight gas-powered struts. You can also drill the safe into the floor, in which case you might as well have a safe that looks like a safe, but hey, security is a strange, paradoxical business.

The Mandem Safe LX goes for about $492 at the brand’s online store right here.

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