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ManCan Personal Keg System

by Joseph


Superheroes, unfortunately, are not real. But when I imagine someone with a portable 128-ounce keg of beer strapped to his back, ready to dispense beer to anyone in his vicinity, I’m hard-pressed to come up with a better word for him. So it’s possible that using the ManCan personal keg system just might make you a superhero.

The ManCan is fully pressurized and built for maximum portability as well as ease of use. It holds 128 ounces of beer, the equivalent of eight 16-ounce glasses, and unlike a lot of portable growlers your beer won’t go flat inside. Tony Stark would be hard-pressed to improve on such an ingenious device.

You can get a better idea of all the ManCan’s features at the product’s official site right here, where it’s priced starting at $195. And if you ended up here by accident looking for information on comedic actor Mantan Moreland, let’s face it, this is almost as good.

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