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Man-Sized Godzilla Figure From Bandai Costs $43,000

by Joseph
Man-Sized Godzilla

Man-Sized Godzilla

There are some disreputable publications out there who may describe the new six-foot Godzilla figure from Bandai as “life-sized,” even though as we all know Godzilla stands much, much higher than a mere six feet. But since a truly life-sized Godzilla figure would be too terrifying to contemplate, we should be happy that we only have this man-sized Godzilla to deal with instead.

If that hypothetical life-sized Godzilla were priced proportionately to this one, it would also be too expensive to contemplate, since the man-sized Godzilla is priced at approximately $43,000 in American dollars. It’s based on the 1991 iteration of the atomic beast and made using precise 3D printing techniques, but the important thing is that it looks just like Godzilla.

Evidently, a $43,000 man-sized Godzilla sculpture is in high demand, since Bandai is holding a raffle to determine who gets a chance to purchase it. If you’re brushed up on your Japanese, you can get more information on the project from Bandai’s official site right here.

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