Home Entertainment “Making a Strangler”: NBC Releases ‘The Office’ Parody Video

“Making a Strangler”: NBC Releases ‘The Office’ Parody Video

by Joseph
Making a Strangler

Making a Strangler

I stopped watching The Office after I moved out and my great personal TV blackout began, so I’m pretty sure I missed everything connected to the “Scranton Strangler” subplot. So, in a way, that makes me the ideal audience for a recent clip from NBC entitled “Making a Strangler.”

Aside from a brief title sequence, “Making a Strangler” isn’t really much of a parody of Netflix’s Making a Murderer. Instead, it’s a basic clip reel that highlights the relationship between the notorious serial killer and one Toby Flenderson, who some fans suspect of being the real killer. The video doesn’t really go all the way in that direction, but it doesn’t disprove it either, so enjoy:

In addition to speculation about Toby’s nighttime proclivities, “Making a Strangler” is also adding fuel to reports that NBC is interested in a revival of The Office. Stay tuned for more details on that in the near future.

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