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Makerball: A DIY Pinball Kit

by Joseph


Pinball is the greatest art form ever practiced by mankind, but unlike painting, songwriting, or filmmaking, but a pinball machine isn’t really something anyone can try to create with minimal experience or materials necessary. At least not until now, with the unveiling of Makerball, a kit for DIY pinball tables.

A Makerball machine takes about an hour to assemble, and once you get sick of playing it you can change it or even add your own components using stuff you have around the house. There is one thread connecting this to the modern world of advanced pinball mechanics, though: You can sync up a microcontroller to your phone and use it to keep score.

A Makerball DIY pinball starter kit will set you back $246 on the project’s Kickstarter listing right here, with prices going up from there. It’s still quite a ways away from its fundraising goal, though, so you better chip in if you don’t want to be hoarding quarters for the rest of your life.

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