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Magnus Walker x Hot Wheels Customized Porsches

by Joseph
Magnus Walker x Hot Wheels (via Gizmodo)

Magnus Walker x Hot Wheels

If you can’t afford a custom Porsche from Magnus Walker‘s Urban Outlaw Shop, you’re in good (?) company with the vast majority of people out there. But the famous customizer has reduced his craft to a more manageable level, both size- and price-wise, in a collaboration with Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels has put out a whole collection of Porsche toys customized by Magnus Walker, from a 1978 Porsche 375 to Walker’s famous 1956 Porsche 356A Outlaw. And unlike their garage-filling counterparts, they’ll only cost you $30 each at most, depending on which one you want and who you buy it from.

You can take a look at your options at Amazon here, where a nice assortment of Hot Wheels Porsches customized by Magnus Walker are now available for purchase. If you’re looking to imbue your desk or bookshelf with a little bit of outlaw spirit on an outlaw’s salary, you could probably do much worse.

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