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MAGKEY: Magnetic Key Holders Silence Your Keys

by Joseph


There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing up in a room and finding out everyone there heard you coming from a mile away, thanks to your keys jingling and jangling as you walked. This doesn’t have to happen to you anymore, and not just because you bought a pair of pants with tighter pockets – but also because of MAGKEY, which keeps your keys silent and neatly organized through the power of magnetism.

The MAGKEY magnets are less than a single millimeter thick. They’re also resistant to water and rust, and the ring itself can be used in all the myriad ways a regular key ring can, but without the noise or (perhaps more importantly) the tangling up that can happen with a full set of keys.

You can check out the MAGKEY key holder over at the product’s official site here, complete with a commercial narrated by a faux Morgan Freeman (Morgan Keyman, perhaps?).

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