Home Entertainment ‘Magic Clay’: Claymation Short From Guldies (Video)

‘Magic Clay’: Claymation Short From Guldies (Video)

by Joseph
Magic Clay

Magic Clay

As forms of animation go, they don’t get much more fun to watch than claymation. The animator known as Guldies is one of the new masters of the form, and his latest work entitled Magic Clay is a good, quick demonstration of why exactly that is.

Magic Clay doesn’t have a plot, but instead is a first-person view of a person playing with some, uh, magical clay, which then displays a tendency to play all on its own. Much like the word of fellow stop-motion animator PES, the sound design is also very important to the whole experience—so be sure to watch this with your headphones if you can.

Whether you have headphones or not, you can watch Magic Clay by Guldies for yourself below. And for a lot more cool claymation work where that came from, as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at how that animation is accomplished, head over to Guldies’ official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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