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‘Made in USA’ Documentary From Mitchell & Ness (Video)

by Joseph
Mitchell & Ness Made in USA

Mitchell & Ness Made in USA

Sports apparel label Mitchell & Ness pride themselves on their “Made in USA” collection, manufactured entirely in the Dehen Jackets factory in Portland, Oregon.  And they’ve released a new short promotional film to tell everyone about their commitment to homegrown, all-American products.

The documentary is called Made in USA, and it shows one of Mitchell & Ness’ signature varsity jackets being constructed from beginning to end in that very Oregon factory. So if you’re a factory footage junkie, you might want to check this out, even if you don’t have a specific interest in Mitchell & Ness’ manufacturing policies.

You can watch the Mitchell & Ness video spot, titled Made in USA, below. And for more, just head to the brand’s official website here.

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