Home Entertainment ‘Mad Sheila’: China’s Very Own ‘Mad Max’ Knock-Off Gets Teaser (Video)

‘Mad Sheila’: China’s Very Own ‘Mad Max’ Knock-Off Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
Mad Sheila

Mad Sheila

One of the longest and proudest traditions in cinematic history is the rip-off – Star Wars was just a rip-off of the Flash Gordon comic strip with a little bit of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga thrown in, and that’s only the most famous example.  And now new classic Mad Max: Fury Road has its own blatant rip-off in the form of Mad Sheila.

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most cultishly adored films of the last few years, so it figures that even an off-brand knock-off would get plenty of positive attention. And that appears to be what’s happened with the teaser for Mad Sheila that recently got western attention online.

You can see the minute-long teaser for Mad Sheila below. And if you’re lucky, it will get enough viral attention to ensure some kind of limited North American release, like that Indian movie Robot got a few years ago.


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