Home Entertainment ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Final Trailer Arrives (Video)

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Final Trailer Arrives (Video)

by Joseph
Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road

One of the most unlikely sequels of summer 2015 is probably Mad Max: Fury Road, if for no other reason that it isn’t a soulless committee reboot but instead the product of the Mad Max series’ original auteur George Miller. Now, the movie’s fourth (and purportedly final) trailer has hit the internet, and it has even more of the gear-grinding and fireball-exploding action of the other three trailers.

That’s not the main reason you should be excited about Mad Max: Fury Road, though – that would be its wealth of practical car chases and stunts, which has become an increasingly rare pleasure on the big screen in 2015. And if you’re not convinced, you can get glimpses at a lot of those stunts in the trailer.

You can do that by watching the fourth and last trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road  below, and then sit tight for the movie’s release on May 15th. You can also check out the movie’s official site right here.

Here’s the trailer:

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