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Macintosh Phone Concept by Pierre Cerveau (Photos)

by Joseph
Macintosh Phone

Here’s a fascinating idea – what if Apple had developed a mobile phone back in the 1980s, when they first began to revolutionize home computing? That was the question posed by Bangkok artist Pierre Cerveau, who came up with a very cool Macintosh Phone concept piece as an answer.

With a design that’s intentionally redolent of the classic Apple Macintosh Plus, the Macintosh Phone sports a monochrome display and 512kb of memory capacity – or at least it would if it were a real product. Its most inspired feature is probably its old-fashioned (even for the 80s) rotary dial, which draws an interesting parallel between the rotary phone and the iPod click wheel decades later.

After you take a good look at the Macintosh Phone concept in the gallery below, you can get a bit more information and see more of Pierre Cerveau’s work at his official site right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Macintosh PhoneMacintosh PhoneMacintosh PhoneMacintosh Phone

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