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Machete Spatula: The Most Badass Spatula Imaginable (Photos)

by Joseph
Machete Spatula

Spatulas are not a very intimidating or impressive kitchen implement. No one’s ever been killed with a spatula to my knowledge, probably because no murderer has ever mustered the total lack of dignity required to wield it as a weapon. That is officially no longer the case, though, thanks to the Machete Spatula from Firebox.

True to its name, the Machete Spatula is a spatula that looks like something John Rambo might split a guy’s skull with, but hopefully you’ll just be using it to flip burgers and scoop up the last bits of peanut butter out of the jar (or am I the only person who uses spatulas for that?). It’s also equipped with three blood channels/bottle openers, which makes this one of the more versatile spatulas out there.

You can see a few photos of the Machete Spatula in the gallery underneath these words. If you like what you see, clear a path to the Firebox online store here, where it’s available for just under $19.

Here’s the gallery:

Machete SpatulaMachete SpatulaMachete Spatula

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