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“Givenchy” Air Yeezy 2 Customs From Mache

by Joseph
Givenchy Nike Air Yeezy II

Givenchy Nike Air Yeezy II

New from sneaker artist Mache comes a custom edition of the vaunted Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneaker. The sneaker, pictured above, is called “Givenchy,” named for the upscale fashion brand that presumably inspired Mache’s use of floral print graphics in the sneaker.

The floral print is pressed on to the Yeezy 2’s scales for a unique multicolored effect that’s already courting controversy among sneakerheads. It’s certainly an interesting take on a sneaker that many people aren’t even wearing for fear of their depreciating in value.

You can check out the “Givenchy” Nike Air Yeezy 2 custom sneakers, as well as Mache’s other work, at his Instagram account here.

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