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MacCoin: McDonald’s Introduces Global Big Mac Currency (Video)

by Joseph


The Big Mac turns 50 this year, and McDonald’s isn’t exactly going for minimal, tasteful vibes in celebrating the iconic sandwich’s birthday. Instead, it’s an all-out marketing bonanza, culminating in the introduction of a “global currency” called MacCoin. No, it’s not a cryptocurrency, even though it’s clearly meant to evoke that concept. As Mickey D’s explains, instead it’s a limited edition collectible currency that can be traded in for free Big Macs at participating McDonald’s locations:

“We’re celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac with the MacCoin, a limited-edition global currency that’s redeemable for a free Big Mac in 50+ countries. There are 5 collectible designs, celebrating 5 legendary decades! Starting on August 2, buy a Big Mac and get your own MacCoin while supplies last.”

The MacCoin comes out on August 2nd, so feel free to head to your nearest golden arches then and, uh, I dunno, ask about it or whatever. And you can take a look at what the five different MacCoin designs are in the short video below.



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