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Mac n’ Cheetos Unveiled by Burger King

by Joseph
Mac n' Cheetos

Mac n' Cheetos

The fast food megaconglomerations of the world have been kicking their research & development departments into extremely high gear lately, much to the delight of reckless eaters everywhere. But even in these creatively fertile times, you have to give it up to the ad wizards who came up with this one: Burger King’s new Mac n’ Cheetos.

If you’re as naive as I am, when you read the phrase “Mac n’ Cheetos” you may assume that it’s some homemade combination of macaroni & cheese and Cheetos, like maybe they just threw a bunch of Cheetos into some mac n’ cheese like Shaggy Rogers might find himself doing on a particularly flush night. But no, these are deep-fried macaroni and cheese sticks covered in Cheetos, for a snack that will probably make at least one of your loved ones ask if you need to talk about anything.

Mac n’ Cheetos, according to Burger King on Facebook, are coming this Monday, the 27th of June. Prepare thyselves.


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