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Mac n’ Cheetos: It Is Happening Again at Burger King

by Joseph
Mac n Cheetos

Mac n Cheetos

Many believed that after Mac n’ Cheetos, an unholy hybrid of macaroni & cheese and Cheetos, disappeared from Burger King‘s menu last year, they were gone for good. I felt differently, and thus I am more psychologically and spiritually prepared for their recently announced return than most in the general public, which of course does not mean I am anywhere near ready for them.

Burger King‘s big North American cheese Alex Macedo reportedly calls Mac n’ Cheetos a “triple threat” for the way they bring together three beloved institutions: Burger King, mac & cheese, and Cheetos. There are a lot of institutions I could plausibly add to that one, but I’ll keep it clean with this one: Combining multiple foods together in ridiculous ways.

May 18th is the date when you’ll be able to stroll back into your nearest participating Burger King and order a helping of five Mac n’ Cheetos for $2.69.


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