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Mac DeMarco’s Beat-Up Vans Authentics Sell for $21,100 (Pics)

by Joseph
Mac DeMarco's Beat-Up Vans Authentics

How much would you pay for an old, beat-up pair of Vans Authentics? What if they were the pair of Vans Authentics that Mac DeMarco wore during a recent six-month world tour? And, to sweeten the pot even more, what if it was all for a good cause? Well, for the person who won the auction for just such a pair of sneakers, the answer was a cool $21,100.

Mac DeMarco sold his old pair of Vans Authentics, which look as if they were on his feet for almost every minute of those aforementioned six months, to raise money for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. And over the course of seven days, the shoes skyrocketed in value from $.99 to over 21 grand. Not bad for an old pair of sneakers.

Even though you missed your shot at owning this pair of Vans Authentics owned by Mac DeMarco, you can still check out the sneakers’ eBay listing here, as well as a couple photos of the shoes in the gallery below. And for more information on the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, head over to the organization’s website here.

Here’s the gallery:

Mac DeMarco's Beat-Up Vans AuthenticsMac DeMarco's Beat-Up Vans Authentics

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