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Mac 2015 Concept From Curved/labs (Photos)

by Joseph
Mac 2015

Not many brands out there have captured as many imaginations as Apple has, and for proof of that all you have to do is a quick internet search for Apple concepts from third party designers. But just such a project from German technology site Curved/labs is cooler than most. It’s the Mac 2015 concept, a 21st century reboot of the classic Macintosh computer.

The Mac 2015 takes the immediately recognizable profile of the original Macintosh from way back in 1984, and combines it with the design approach favored by Apple in 2015 – sleek, thin, curvy, and shiny. Technologically, it takes most of its specs from last year’s MacBook Air, but since this is a purely visual exercise it’s probably not worthwhile to focus on that.

But it is worthwhile to look at the renderings of the Mac 2015 concept from Curved/labs in the gallery below. And you can see more from Curved/labs at the company’s website here.

Here are the photos:

Mac 2015Mac 2015Mac 2015

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