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LYFE Zero-Gravity Plant Growing System

by Joseph


You may remember FLYTE, the levitating light that gives the traditional bulb a zero-gravity spin. Now, the same people that developed FLYTE have come up with LYFE, a plant-growing system that uses the exact same technology for gardening rather than illumination.

LYFE is basically a geometric gardening pot that uses magnets to hover above its designated base. The accompanying rotation is beautiful and hypnotic, but it also serves a botanically practical purpose as well, since it allows for life-giving sunlight to be distributed equally throughout the plant. This means that a rotating plant isn’t just a novelty, but may actually enhance the health and lifespan of the plant in question.

It just started today, but there’s about a month left to go in LYFE’s Kickstarter campaign here, where pre-orders start at just under $180. If you’ve been looking for a cool new way to get into what is by all accounts a peaceful, rewarding hobby, this could be it.

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