Home Tech & Gear LW-Monofu: A 28-Foot-Tall Mecha Available for Parties (Video)

LW-Monofu: A 28-Foot-Tall Mecha Available for Parties (Video)

by Joseph


New from the Sakakibara Machinery Works Co., a project that’s been six years in the making. It’s almost 28 feet tall, weighs in at 16,000 pounds, and can be rented for birthday parties and other events. Oh, and the LW-Monofu is a real-life giant robot suit piloted and controlled by a cockpit in the chest, just like Voltron

Of course, the LW-Monofu doesn’t have any functioning laser canons or rocket boosters, nor does it connect up with any other robotic suits to form a giant lion, but it’s still pretty cool by current robotic standards. It was reportedly engineered to appeal to adults that have fond childhood memories of watching Mobile Suit Gundam and other similar programs as children, but as you can see in the promotional video below it’s appealing to anyone who likes giant robots:

Stay tuned to see if the LW-Monofu inspires a whole cottage industry of rental mechas, hopefully beyond the shores of Japan.



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