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Luxe: On-Demand Valet Parking App Now Servicing San Francisco

by Joseph


Valet parking is one of the great underrated luxuries of our times. To some it might seem like a decadent luxury, but anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to use a valet service knows how convenient it can be. And the makers of a new app are trying to expand the valet experience from fancy restaurants to anytime, anywhere (starting with San Francisco, but expansion is a definite possibility). It’s called Luxe, and the most appealing thing about it might be its surprisingly low cost.

You might assume that something like on-demand valet parking would be an extravagantly costly service, but actually Luxe costs $5 an hour – not exactly cheap, but there’s a cap on how much you can get charged per day at $15. So if you end up getting unexpectedly detained at a party or business meeting (or you just decide to catch a screening of Lawrence of Arabia), you’re still only going to pay for a maximum of 3 hours.

Luxe also offers users the option of getting their cars washed or filled up, so it could also be a good service for people who don’t have enough time in the day to maintain their cars. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Luxe is currently only available in San Francisco, but hopefully it will expand to other cities soon.

If you happen to live in SF, or you just want some more info, you can check out Luxe at the iTunes store here.

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