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LUNO EGB2 Record Console/Minibar

by Joseph


For the modern swinging single hipster in the city, a single cabinet that holds both your record collection and a set of whiskey glasses is a dream come true. So I guess it follows that the LUNO EGB2 is, in that sense, a dream come true.

The LUNO EGB2 is primarily a record console, with storage space for 150 records along with its turntable, speakers, amp, and 100W subwoofer. Then there are the four special-edition whiskey glasses that come included with the console, which also boasts a pull-out minibar folded among its made-in-America structure.

Release details and pricing information on this “timely update to the classic record consoles of the 50s and 60s” are still to come, but you can get as much info as possible by staying tuned to the official LUNO site here. In addition to the LUNO EGB2, there you will also find more info on other LUNO accessories and record consoles.

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