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Lungolinea Crystal Ping Pong Table

by Joseph


From the Cosmo Kramer school of interior design comes the Lungolinea, a crystal ping pong table that since it’s all but invisible you’ll mostly have to just sense is there – provided you keep it clean and smudge free. It’s the product of Adrian Design, which describes the project like this:

“Lungolinea is a refined object, a sublime witness of the most advanced Made in Italy technology that poses no limits to the game. Clean lines, clear surfaces, perfection in its details and the optimal friction of the crystal table plane pursue essentiality, paving the field for tactics and strategies.”

Lungolinea also comes in an “ultra-premium edition,” with its connecting joints replaced with 24k gold-plated pieces instead – or at least it will, once the table becomes available for purchase. For now, you can check out the piece at Impatia right here, where you can also stay tuned for future details on availability and pricing.


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