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“Lunchtime is Coming…”: Hodor Actor Stars in UK KFC Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
Lunchtime is Coming

Lunchtime is Coming

I never got past the first season of Game of Thrones, but even I remember what it was like when Hodor died. It was emotional and traumatic, and as with all emotional and traumatic things, humans made jokes about it to cope. We now have a pretty good (if belated) one from the UK, a KFC commercial called “Lunchtime is Coming…,” starring Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn.

Nairn plays a KFC cashier somewhat redolent of Hodor, who at 12 PM is bombarded by a daily and terrifying lunchtime rush to the KFC counter. They’re all ordering “chicken with fries,” which eventually gets transmuted to “chicken with rice,” which in turn happens to be the new product KFC is advertising in the UK.

You can watch “Lunchtime is Coming…” below. If you’re stuck in North America with rice-less KFC menu options, the least you can do is take a look at the YouTube channel for KFC UK and Ireland right here.


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