Home Entertainment ‘LUNAR’: Short Film Created by Animating Official NASA Photos (Video)

‘LUNAR’: Short Film Created by Animating Official NASA Photos (Video)

by Joseph


Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to see or think about the day humanity landed on the moon from any other perspective, graphic designer Christian Stangl found another one, ironically in the form of thousands of still photos inside NASA‘s archives of materials related to the Apollo missions. The end result is LUNAR, a short film created by animating those photos together.

LUNAR puts together different photos to create animated panoramic images, as well as photos that were taken in sequence that could be animated together more conventionally. It’s the product of two years of work, and the score for the film was actually composed by Stangl’s brother Wolfgang Stangl.

Check out LUNAR for yourself below, and consider sending it to that one cousin who always alludes to the moon landings as having been faked. And for more stuff from Christian Stangl, head over to his official site here.

Here’s the film:

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