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Luna: A Lamp That Looks Just Like the Moon

by Joseph


When most of us visualize a “moon lamp,” we probably see a cheap plastic lamp in the shape of a cartoonish crescent moon, one that not even a small child could ever confuse with the real thing. But it may be time to update that visualization thanks to Luna, a new lamp from Acorn Studio that purports to allow users to “bring the moon along with you.”

That’s because Luna is a highly realistic depiction of the moon’s unique surface, and it comes in seven different sizes for whatever room or lighting situation you may be subject to. It’s made from glass fiber and latex, it’s water and heat-resistant, adjustable, and its LED lights can last up to ten years with no maintenance required – it’s the next best thing to actually gazing at the moon.

Provided you’re not suffering from any Larry Talbot-style lunar afflictions, you may want to check out Luna over at IndieGoGo here, where pre-orders start at $65 and up.

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