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“Luna” Concrete iPhone 5 Case From POSH-PROJECTS

by Joseph
Concrete "Luna" iPhone Case
Concrete "Luna" iPhone CaseConcrete "Luna" iPhone CaseConcrete "Luna" iPhone Case

Korean company POSH-PROJECTS has created an unusual and striking iPhone 5 case. Made from concrete and visually inspired by the moon, they’re called “Luna” iPhone cases. ¬†Each one has a different lunar-inspired concrete surface, and compared to your average iPhone case, these concrete ones are pretty damn sturdy.

As you might imagine from its individualized concrete construction, the POSH-PROJECTS “Luna” iPhone cases are in short supply. In fact, the first batch has already run out, but a second one is expected to hit the POSH-PROJECTS online store here very soon.

In the meantime, check out a few photos of the concrete “Luna” iPhone 5 case in the gallery up top.

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