Home Tech & Gear Lumir: Strong LED Lighting Powered by a Single Candle

Lumir: Strong LED Lighting Powered by a Single Candle

by Joseph


It sounds a little oxymornic at first: A light powered by a single candle, which itself gives off light, and indeed was invented for that very purpose centuries ago. But even though Lumir gets its power from just one lit candle, the light it gives off is much bigger, brighter, and more efficient, powered by a scientific principle known as the “Seebeck effect.”

That’s because Lumir uses the heat given off by an internal candle to power an LED lamp in one of two formations: Spot (as in spotlight), an aim-able high-beam light for specific tasks, and Mood, for softer ambient lighting. Both versions do their work without any external battery or electrical power, instead drawing all it needs from the candle on the bottom.

Learn more about Lumir at the product’s official site here, where links to its Kickstarter campaign can also be found. Pre-orders start at $60 and up.

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