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Lumen: Flashlight Activated by Your Body Heat

by Joseph


Remember in The Matrix when the machines use human beings as batteries to power themselves? It turns out that technology is now here in the real world, albeit in a much more benign, small-scale version. It’s Lumen, a small-yet powerful flashlight that’s powered and activated by the heat your body naturally produces.

All you do to turn Lumen on is press your finger to its Thermoelectric Generator. Provided you’re producing enough body heat to be a living mammal, the 5mm Cree LED will turn on, ready to provide any flashlight services it might be needed for. Available in either titanium or aluminum, and with a glow-in-the-dark tritium vial for nocturnal location.

Lumen by Rost is currently lighting up Kickstarter, having raised almost a hundred grand with another two and a half weeks to go (especially impressive when you consider they only set out to raise $5,000) at its listing here, where pre-orders start at $30.

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