Home Entertainment ‘Luke Cage’: Upcoming Netflix x Marvel Series Clip (Video)

‘Luke Cage’: Upcoming Netflix x Marvel Series Clip (Video)

by Joseph
Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Luke Cage, the latest Netflix x Marvel original series, is coming in about three weeks. If you’re psyched about the latest chapter in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic saga, even a minute-long clip can be cause for excitement—which is good, because that’s exactly what Netflix has released in advance of the show’s premiere.

The Luke Cage clip goes by the name “You Want Some,” a question posed by the titular superhero, and you can probably guess what the answer is even without watching it. It also has a bit of grisly violence in the form of a graphic wrist-break suffered by a man who’s foolish enough to try to punch Cage in the face (not a good idea).

You can watch the Luke Cage “You Want Some” clip for yourself below. And if you do indeed want some, you can watch the entire first season of the show on Netflix starting on September 30th.

Here’s the clip:


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