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Lucy: Natural Lighting System From Solenica (Video)

by Joseph


Are you getting enough sunlight? If you’re a modern denizen of 2015, it’s possible you aren’t, especially if you spend all day cooped up in some office staring at a computer screen. One way to fix that would be to focus some of those precious solar rays inside, which is exactly what Lucy by Solenica is designed to do.

Lucy is essentially a mirror, but with smart sensors that track the sun for optimum reflective power. You simply point it where you want those rays to go and the mirror will track across the sky throughout the day, before¬†automatically going to sleep when the sun sets. And it’s 100% solar powered, so you never have to plug it in or charge its batteries manually.

You can see a more complete demonstration of what Lucy can do in the video below, and if you like what you see pre-orders are being accepted to the tune of $150 right here.

Here’s the video:


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