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‘Lucky Coin’: The Returning DeLorean Gets First Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
DeLorean Lucky Coin

DeLorean Lucky Coin

In case you thought the DeLorean people were just going to sit back and wait for those 300 new DeLoreans to just sell themselves, the DeLorean Motor Company has unveiled their first commercial for this momentous return to the marketplace. It’s called Lucky Coin, and I’m happy to say it resembles nothing more than that weird Knight Rider reboot spot from a couple months back.

The Lucky Coin spot is actually over two minutes long, which may qualify it as a “short film” these days. It depicts a young man (very young actually, possibly too young to drive a DeLorean) meeting the car of his dreams and racing it around the desert like a modern-day cowboy, or at least a cowboy from the mid-80s.

You can check out the DeLorean Lucky Coin commercial for yourself below. For more on the return of the DeLorean, head over to the company’s official site here.

Here’s the video:


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