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Lucky Charms Shake Comes to Burger King

by Joseph
BK Lucky Charms Shake

BK Lucky Charms Shake

This is just me, but personally, I am not into the trend of putting breakfast cereals in other foods. Just last night I had a terrible doughnut that had stale Cocoa Puffs on top, but there must be some appeal in this idea, since Burger King has unveiled the new Lucky Charms Shake.

The BK Lucky Charms Shake is a blend of vanilla soft serve and sweet syrup, with actual Lucky Charms – both the cereal and the marshmallow pieces – mixed in. According to one review, “it definitely tastes like a really cold version of the popular cereal,” so, I guess you already know if you’re going to be slurping down one of these things in the near future or not.

Check your local Burger King to see if they’re carrying the Lucky Charms Shake, which is supposed to be available at Burger King locations all over the country. Why they didn’t unveil it in March to compete with the Shamrock Shake, we may never know.

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