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lttl: “The World’s Best Insulated Travel Mug”

by Joseph


A good travel mug has its advantages: Sturdy, maintains temperature, free refills at 7-11, etc. But you can’t really sip out of it the way you can a traditional mug or cup, unless you have lttl, billed by its makers as “the world’s best insulated travel mug.”

lttl works thanks to its innovative stopper, which plugs into the tumbler when you’re not drinking out of it and locks in whatever beverage you’re enjoying on the go. Go ahead, turn it upside down, punt it across the room, spike it into the floor, with no leakages or spills. But when you take out the stopper, the beverage can be enjoyed just like from a regular cup, which means your tongue is going to get scaled a lot less in the near future.

You can pre-order a lttl tumbler starting at $25 at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, with shipments expected to begin in April of next year.

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