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‘Louis Vuitton Windows’ Showcases Brand’s Famous Window Displays

by Joseph
Louis Vuitton Windows

Louis Vuitton Windows

As a brand, one of the defining characteristics of Louis Vuitton is the elaborate series of window displays found in the front of its stores. Now, the company is celebrating this tradition with a book all about the famous displays – but in typical Vuitton fashion it’s not a book that’s likely to be picked up by any casual readers. That’s because Louis Vuitton Windows is being sold for an outrageous $845.

Louis Vuitton Windows celebrates Faye McLeod and Ansel Thompson in an oversized, hand-bound volume that gives the displays from throughout the brand’s history a presentation worthy of works of fine art. Vanessa Friedman, fashion director for The New York Times, provides an introduction for the book.

If you happen to feel like blowing $845 on a coffee table book (and honestly, why wouldn’t you?), you can pre-order your copy of Louis Vuitton Windows at the Louis Vuitton online store right here.

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