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Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

by Joseph
Lotus C-01

Lotus C-01

The usual domain of Lotus Cars is, uh, cars (duh!), with a specialty for high-performance vehicles. But they’re pretty adept at motorcycles, too, as the new Lotus C-01 has a hand in demonstrating.

If you’re wondering why the Lotus C-01 looks as slick as it does, look no further than its designer. That would be Daniel Simon, whose distinctive sensibility can also be seen in products designed for Bugatti and the movie Tron: Legacy. The latter will seem especially reminiscent of the C-01, which means this is as close as we’ve gotten to an actual Tron lightcycle experience.

As far as performance goes, exact specs haven’t been released. But its light weight and 400-horsepower engine add up to a whole lot of speed. Other details, like release dates and pricing, are also still in the future, but you can keep an eye on Lotus Motorcycles’ website here for more information.


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