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Lotto Lotto: An App for Enhancing the Lottery Experience

by Joseph
Lotto Lotto (image via Gizmodo)

Lotto Lotto (image via Gizmodo)

With that recent $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot, it’s very possible that you’ve bought a lottery ticket recently even if you’re not a regular player. But regardless of your level of consistent lottery interest, you might be surprised to know about the surprising amount of lotto winnings that go unclaimed year after year, which amounts to millions of dollars. Lotto Lotto is an app to help bring that figure down a little.

Basically Lotto Lotto is a free smartphone app that makes your whole experience of playing the lottery more efficient and less confusing. You upload a photo of your ticket, and it can tell you whether or not you won anything.  Those unclaimed winnings I mentioned earlier are all secondary prizes that people don’t even know exist, most worth between $50 and $100, but many worth as many as seven figures.

Lotto Lotto does a lot of other stuff too, like facilitating lottery pools, setting jackpot alerts, and much more. You can get it at the app’s official site right here.

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