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‘Lore’: Horror Anthology TV Series Based on Popular Podcast (Trailer)

by Joseph


It’s the second day in October, and I have a terrifying tidbit to share with you in keeping with the Halloween season: THEY’RE MAKING TV SHOWS OUT OF PODCASTS NOW. The latest is Aaron Mahkne’s Lore, a cultishly adored hit about real-life scary stories that’s being turned into a television anthology on Amazon Prime.

The Lore podcast makes a natural fit for TV, as it blends real-life tales of terror with the urban legends and campfire stories that came out of those real events. And judging from the trailer recently released for the TV version, the show that premieres on Amazon Prime later this month is in keeping with that recently established tradition (the podcast started in 2015). Take a look:

The first season of Lore creeps onto Amazon Prime, appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th this month. Check out the show’s Amazon Video listing here, and get your subscription situation in order sometime in the next 11 days if you want to watch it.


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