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Loop: Pool Table for “Pool on an Ellipse”

by Joseph


Pool tables, like television sets and movie screens, are generally rectangular. So one easy way to blow apart the paradigm with such an item is to make it round instead – a new twist on an old favorite that Kenny Bania would surely approve of. But it’s not Bania that came up with Loop, a new pool table for “pool on an ellipse.”

At first glance it becomes extremely clear that Loop is not just a regular pool table bent out of shape. For one, the pockets traditionally found on the sides of the table are nowhere to be found, more or less replaced by a pocket just off center in the middle of the table. I won’t go into a detailed account of the modified rules of play, it being Friday and all.

But you can get a lot more information on Loop from its surprisingly rhyme-heavy official site right here, where release details should be available in the near future.

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