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Looie: More Than a Bathroom Locator App

by Joseph


We all remember that during Larry David’s ill-fated Seinfeld reunion episode, as chronicled by a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, George Costanza finally hit it rich with an app that directs the user to the nearest clean toilet anywhere in the world. But there’s a problem with that business model – what if there aren’t any clean bathrooms nearby? Looie is a mobile app and subscription service that just might hold the answer.

Basically, Looie works like this: Users pay $25 a month for not just the smartphone app but also a small gadget that lets you unlock strategically placed bathrooms in a given locality (it’s rolling out in Tribeca later this month). Reportedly, these bathrooms are personally cleaned by the company’s CEO, and for $25 a month I imagine they’re pretty sparkling.

If you’re going to be in Tribeca this month, or if you’re just curious about how Looie works, you can check out its official site right here. And may Costanza himself smile upon your next bathroom outing.

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