Home Entertainment Long Beach ePrix Highlights in 360-Degree Virtual Reality (Video)

Long Beach ePrix Highlights in 360-Degree Virtual Reality (Video)

by Joseph
Long Beach ePrix Highlights

Long Beach ePrix Highlights

Electric cars are generally valued for their practicality and economy rather than for their speed and power. But a recent sporting event shows they can race if need be, and now highlights from the Long Beach ePrix are available in interactive 360-degree video.

The Long Beach ePrix is a “Formula E” event, the E standing for, you guessed it, “electric.” And much like Dylan going electric 50 years ago, the event will probably raise the hackles of some gas-and-carbon purists, but to the open-minded it’s pretty exciting stuff, especially in virtual reality.

Perhaps the best part is you don’t need a VR set to take a look at the 360-degree Long Beach ePrix highlights in the video below – you can explore the race by using the onscreen controller in the video. It’s only four minutes worth of highlights, but you can expect more complete sporting events to start being covered by virtual reality soon.

Here’s the video:

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