Home Entertainment “Lonely Night”: This Year’s Pornhub Christmas Ad (Video)

“Lonely Night”: This Year’s Pornhub Christmas Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Lonely Night

Lonely Night

Last year, you might remember that Pornhub rang in the holiday season with an ad for their “Premium Gifting Service,” which had the added benefit of being safe to watch at work. Now, they’re doing it again, and I guess that means it’s a tradition, since “Lonely Night” is now ushering in the holidays for 2016.

“Lonely Night” is a variation on “Silent Night,” the church hymn that has been lyrically altered (although tastefully so) to suit the needs of a Pornhub advertising endeavor. It shows an assortment of individuals who are lonely on Christmas, and who turn to Pornhub’s particular services to ease their troubled souls – and you know, it actually kind of works.

You can deck the halls with boughs of pornography by watching Pornhub’s “Lonely Night” commercial below. And, if you’re feeling cheery, you can hit up Pornhub’s official site right here—as long as you’re not at work, of course.

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