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Lolo Lids Disguise Beer as Coffee

by Joseph
Lolo Lids

Lolo Lids

For some silly reason, drinking beer in public can be considered unacceptable while drinking coffee in public is just fine. You can turn this obvious societal hypocrisy on its ear with Lolo Lids, which allow you to elaborately disguise beer as coffee, while keeping it cold at the same time.

To use Lolo Lids, you open up the beer of your choice, line it up with the lid which attaches with a click, put the whole thing into the included “coffee cup,” and enjoy judgment-free beer consumption up to the point that you start slurring your speech. It’s a somewhat circuitous route to reach the destination of drinking beer out of a coffee cup, but since it uses air to keep the beer cold and you can reuse the cups, it might be worth it.

You can buy Lolo Lids at the product’s official site here in various permutations, starting with one priced at just under $12.

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